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Your story travels to the stars.

Send your message in a bottle into space.

Together we will build the first private financed space probe traveling to the stars. You have the Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to send your memories, hopes, and dreams with us into space.

Send what you cherish to the stars.

Our space probe Hello-1 will carry 1.000.000 people’s messages, dreams, and hopes into interstellar space. Join, and become part of space exploration history. Yes, it’s a crazy idea, and that’s just one reason to take up the challenge. What would you send?

Spaceping Rocket

Personal stories from 1,000,000 people

Our Hello-1 space probe will contain the text, video, audio, and pictures of 1,000,000 people. Join, and you can tell your story, send your message, or simply share what’s important to you. Here are a few examples, but in the end, it’s totally up to you:


Your love story


Your message of hope, peace, and happiness


Your Soulmate


Your funniest moments


Your best moves


The best recipes of grandma


Your Art


Memories of your Loved one

How can you send your message into space?

Your message

of what you treasure

uploaded to and

launch in 2027

your story to the stars begins

Onboard our space probe Hello-1, what you cherish will travel the stars

When you can join? Now!

Our Early Bird is called the time of pioneers. The full range of packages will be available starting in 2024, with three packages to choose from.

  • Stargazer
    LimitedMax. 972,500
    Data21 MB
    Monument Engraving
    Preferred Space Id
    Probe Engraving
    DNA Cube
    149,- Euro
  • Space Explorer
    LimitedMax. 25,000
    Data300 MB
    Monument Engraving
    Preferred Space Id
    Probe Engraving
    DNA Cube
    2,950,- Euro
  • starOnce in a lifetime
    LimitedMax. 7,447
    Data42 MB
    Monument Engraving
    Preferred Space Id
    Probe Engraving
    DNA Cube
    119,- Euro
  • Interstellar Legend
    LimitedMax. 2,500
    Data1,000 MB
    Monument Engraving
    Preferred Space Id
    Probe Engraving
    DNA Cube
    29,870,- Euro

Your story to the stars begins joining now

Of the one million spaces in total, only 7424 adventurers still get the opportunity to become pioneers. Learn more about our special offer. This package can only be purchased until the end of 2023.

Pioneer benefits

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    Exclusive Monument engraving

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    Official Pioneer Status

  • Tick Icon

    Image & Video Uploader*

  • Tick Icon

    Record your 47s video speech

Be part of history

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    Secure your Space-ID

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    Our ever-lasting gratitude

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    What you cherish will travel the stars

  • Tick Icon

    Your public profile

A lifetime opportunity to be one of the first

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    42 MB storage (2x as Stargazer)

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    Private file vault

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    You’ll be able to update to bigger packages*

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    Your short URL on


(incl. DE VAT)

* Accessible 2023

What can you Upload?

We are in the Pioneer phase. You will already be able to upload or record your 47sec free video. It will not count in your data capacity. Even more, will be possible when we launch the whole range at the start of 2023. You’ll be able to upload text, pictures, audio, and video, to the full extent of your space data capacity. You would assemble it either on your public profile or upload it to your encrypted file vault.

Be part of human history

In joining our epic mission, you and your message will become spacefaring history, just like the content of the Voyager Golden Record. This chance will never come again. What will you send to the stars?

Up there in the infinite will be a piece of you.

Looking up at the night sky will change. After our launch, you’ll know that there is something of you upon the stars. Forever and ever.

What you cherish will endure the passing of time.

Hello-1 will be built to last between 10.000 to 100.000 years and may even last millions of years. 10.000 years ago, human civilization, as we know it, started with agriculture. Around 100.000 years we were still a new thing as homo sapiens. So your message might endure the rise and fall of empires. And if we as humans don’t wise up, maybe even mankind itself. We hope we do wise up.

Your Monument

Your name will be engraved into "The Spaceping Monolith" with a special mention to our great and beautiful pioneers.

Are you ready to become a pioneer?

Together we will build the first private financed space probe traveling to the stars. You have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to send your memories, hopes, and dreams with us into space. Will you become one of our pioneers?

Countdown till pioneer ends

„Alone, such a task would be unimaginable, but together with a fantastic crowd, we can reach for the stars. „

Ortwin Kartmann, Founder Spaceping

Questions and Answers

Are you serious?

Yes, absolutely!
We are often asked this question and we can understand why people would question our mission. We know the idea sounds crazy, but it's also really cool, and more importantly - POSSIBLE! We want to make spacefaring history and send a space probe into interstellar space!

Who will be creating the space probe?

We will - Spaceping Technologies GmbH. We are a registered company from Germany. You can find all our data in the imprint, we have nothing to hide. The founders behind Spaceping are successful and experienced entrepreneurs from the tech sector. You can find us all on Linkedin.

We have all been fascinated by space travel and the universe since childhood. We have seen almost every documentary in the space niche.

We all have very complementary skills in the founding team. This will allow us to be successful with Spaceping and build a space probe together with you!

What does the Monument look like?

We have already created several amazing designs for the Monument.

However, we are giving members of the public the opportunity to have their designs considered. We have set up a channel on our Discord server, where you can send us your suggestions. You can find the link in the footer of this website.

We will then let all Spaceping users vote on which monument we will build, as well as the location for the monument.

How far are the boundaries of our solar system?

Our solar system is gigantic, and so far only the Voyager space probes have reached the edge of our solar system, which is the heliopause. The Voyager 1 spacecraft took more than 35 years to reach the heliopause. It is more than 21.000.000 km away from the earth, which is simply beyond our imagination.

Is there an option to keep my space data private?

Of course. As a customer of Spaceping, you alone decide whether the data you send into space should be public or private. You have complete control of your data.

The decision is yours: You can publish the data online on our website and inspire others or publish it in the private vault.

All data stored in the private vault is encrypted on our server and is kept safe with us. The key to decrypting the data cannot be accessed over the Internet and stored safely. Only when the data is transferred onto a long-term storage medium for the space journey, will the data be decrypted. In that process, we will ensure that no one will see this data.

What happens if you fail?

We have no intention of failing and wholeheartedly believe in this mission. Therefore we will do everything in our power to make Spaceping a success! There is always a suitable solution for all challenges. If you want to be more involved in the journey, you can join Spaceping on our Discord server. You can find the link in the footer of this website.

Together we can make the impossible - possible!

How does the DNA-cube work?

After the customer sends us a saliva sample with the kit we provide, it will get sent to our partner company. The company purifies the DNA from the spit and conducts quality control. If this is satisfactory, the DNA is inserted into specially designed metal shells (DNAshells) which are sealed under a helium-argon atmosphere with the help of a laser.

Check out our DNA-cube video for more detailed information.

How much will it cost to build Hello-1?

Our ambition is to build a spacecraft that will last several thousand years or longer.

Currently, we estimate that the space probe, including the launch, will cost about 100 million euros.

Due to the current worldwide supply bottlenecks and tense political situation, this estimation could increase. However, we are very confident that we will not exceed the set budget and that we will be able to complete the project successfully.

Are you like really serious?

Yes, we are really serious! We are extremely excited about this mission and hope that you are too now! This is a once in a life time opportunity for members of the public and we cannot wait to bring this vision to life! Let's build a cosmic time capsule and send it to infinity and beyond!